Helping Other People Survive
Hops Propane                                   409 927 4677
17017 E. Highway 6                Mon-Fri 9-6  Sat 9-4 Sun Closed
Santa Fe, Texas 77517        
Here at Hops Propane the math is simple. We don't play games or deceive our customers. We don't charge higher prices for our lease customers or lower prices for customer owned tanks.
We believe in being fair, upfront and honest. We do our best to keep our prices low for everyone!
We believe in the American Way that every person should be treated equally and fairly.

We don't play the price per gallon game that some companies do.
You know the game where
you are told a real low price per gallon and order a 100 gallons and it never adds up correctly because of all the extra fees, they forget to tell you about.
We keep your propane bill low
Here at Hops Propane
the Math does add up.

We are a small family owned business that still cares about people and the fact that they do business with us. It isn't a paycheck to us, it is our family's future.
We still do things the old fashion way we treat people like people. Give us a try you won't regret it. We don't want to be America's Propane Company we just want to be yours!
Our company and employees are located in the same location where we do business. So you are free to come by any time to discuss anything you feel a need to. We always welcome a visit from new customers and our extended family (regular customers) We are family owned and locally operated. We live local in Santa Fe. We do our business local here in Santa Fe and Alvin Texas. It is important to support companies who help your local community to survive in these rough economic times. Ask yourself what does the company you do business with do to give back to YOUR community.

17017 E. Highway 6
Santa Fe, Texas 77517
Intersection of Holloway and Highway 6

409 927 4677  
We hope that you will give our family a chance to care for your family. Have a nice day and God bless you always.

We appreciate your business
The Hops Gang
Ronnie, Cookie,
Danny, Bubba,
Christy, Jan, and Jamie,
Rufus, Daisy and Willow
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